A guide to the Guardian technology solutions for 2017

A year ago, the Guardian Technology Solutions Report was released and it was clear that technology companies across the globe were increasingly focused on bringing a new level of innovation to the industry.In this year’s edition, we have put together a list of the top ten tech companies in the world and the top 25 […]

‘Zebra Technology Stock’ shares rise 4.7% in morning trade

LIDAR Technology, a global leader in lidar technology for sensing and control, has surged as of Wednesday’s closing price, increasing its market cap to $3.6 billion.Zebra Technologies, which designs and manufactures lidar sensors and control systems, rose 4.71% on Wednesday morning, according to data from Thomson Reuters data.Lidar Technology shares jumped as much as 4.1% […]

The World of Wunong Net Technology: New Technology, Old Technology

Technology is changing the way we live, work and play.It’s changing our economy and changing how we interact with each other and our environment.It makes us more efficient, safer and more connected.But the big question is: How much do we really understand about it?That’s why the world-leading international research and development center Wunongs Net Technology […]

Which industrial tech companies are on fire?

The US industrial technology sector has been hit hard by a series of hurricanes, which have killed hundreds of workers and forced hundreds of businesses to shut down, the Wall Street Journal reported.While the storm was far from the worst to hit the industry in recent years, it was certainly not a quiet one.The WSJ […]

Dna Technologies Stock Has Reached $8 Billion After Rebranding

Palantir Technologies has made headlines recently for its AI-powered computer vision software, DeepMind.The company has also been accused of patent infringement.Palantir has recently changed its name to DeepMind Technologies, and the company has been expanding its AI research to other areas.DeepMind is known for its groundbreaking research into machine learning, deep learning and deep learning […]


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