DRS Technology is the Future of Digital Networks

The future of digital networks is a bright one, with more than 40 billion connected devices running on hundreds of millions of sensors, said Mark Robinson, the founder of the DRS Technologies Group.Robinson said the technology is helping to bring down the cost of data networks, which are increasingly being used to deliver new services […]

Why a new company is investing in exide technology

L3HRI, an exide-technology company based in the Netherlands, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Indian semiconductor company, Exide Technologies to create a joint venture that will develop exide and other exide chipsets.L3HRE, which has already invested in Exide’s chip manufacturing and distribution business, is a spinoff of L3Harris, which develops exide processors and modules.Exide […]

‘Star Trek’ tech has finally found a home in the real world

Tech stocks have taken a beating as consumers increasingly view entertainment as a commodity rather than a product, and more companies are turning to cloud-based technology to make it easier to manage the costs of production.In a report from MarketWatch, tech stocks have found themselves on the ropes as consumers have increasingly turned to cloud […]

Dell Technologies shares up 2.3% as earnings report disappoints

Dell Technologies, the company behind the laptops, displays and other electronic devices that make up the computer business of Dell, said Thursday it expects its third-quarter earnings to disappoint.The stock was down about 2.1% to $16.50.Shares in the company, which is based in San Jose, fell 3.7% Thursday.The company posted a disappointing third-month revenue decline […]

Why you should love Google’s voice-activated assistant: Google is now using it to create music, videos and other content that is ‘all-inclusive’

It’s the age of Siri.Google’s assistant is now making music, video and other forms of entertainment and content more inclusive and personal to the user.The company says it is doing so because it wants to provide the best possible experience for the user and for creators, while still allowing them to make content for themselves.“We […]

‘Starkey’ hearing technologies to be approved by regulators

A key technology for the U.S. National Security Agency’s eavesdropping program will be approved for use by the U,S.Senate by Thursday, a committee that oversees the agency said Wednesday.The Senate Intelligence Committee is set to vote on a bill that would allow the National Security Intelligence Community (NSA) to use a new generation of technology […]


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