‘Inexplicably Absent’: Why the New Frontier of Fusion Is the Wrong Way to Look at the Future

The next generation of fusion power is the one that makes a lot of people want to die.

That’s why the technology has been so tantalizing.

But it turns out that it is a very dangerous technology.

Fusion power uses a bunch of things that don’t usually make sense.

It requires massive amounts of energy to cool the fuel, and the amount of energy required to cool a gas in a gas-fired power plant is usually not enough to keep it from freezing.

And then there’s the matter of the fuel itself.

Fusion can be dangerous, because the high temperatures generated by fusion produce massive amounts and long-lasting amounts of radioactive waste, which can make nuclear reactors less safe.

But the fuel has other uses that are not nuclear.

The nuclear reactors we are used to running are very efficient at converting heat into electricity.

Fusion uses energy to convert heat into power, and in some cases, that can make it easier to build more efficient and safer power plants.

The trouble with fusion is that it can generate massive amounts, long-term, of waste.

This is why fusion is so exciting.

It’s the only way to power a whole civilization, to generate electricity from a bunch to a whole lot of things.

The way we currently run power plants is inefficient.

It wastes energy.

It releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

It is the opposite of efficient.

But if you can use fusion as the fuel to build a lot more efficient power plants, that’s when we can go to the stars.

Fusion is also the only power source that can be scaled up and scaled down very rapidly.

The power industry has invested in massive new reactors, and they are making progress.

The problem is that they’re only able to run for a few decades at a time.

We’re going to have to move fast to catch up.

But that means we have to make big changes to the way we think about fusion power.

First, we have a problem with the economics of fusion.

The economics of power are a complicated beast.

There are lots of different ways of generating energy, and lots of ways of getting it.

For example, in the early days of fusion, nuclear reactors were mostly just for producing electricity.

But a lot has changed.

In the 1990s, fusion was mostly used to generate heat, and nuclear fusion was the most popular way of generating electricity.

As more and more fusion power plants started to get built, the amount and quality of fuel they used changed.

Fuel quality has changed, too.

There’s less uranium, which makes it easier for fuel to fuse.

And there’s less plutonium, which has the added benefit of making fusion more efficient.

So fusion has become an important energy source.

But there are still huge costs to fusion.

And in the last few years, the costs have been mounting rapidly.

Fusion has always been expensive.

When nuclear fusion power was first built in the 1920s, it took two to three years to build, and you’d have to hire a bunch more workers to build it.

Today, we need only a few months to build one reactor.

Fusion needs to be much more efficient to get us to a point where we can build a fusion plant in less than five years.

That means we need to be able to do a lot faster.

That is, we’ve got to make a lot better fusion plants, and it will take time to do it.

Fusion and Efficiency The big challenge is that fusion energy isn’t cheap.

You have to build an entire power plant, with all kinds of complicated machinery.

The cost of electricity depends on many things, including how much fuel is used, how much of the reactor is used and how much is needed.

It also depends on the economics.

If you can make the fuel cheap enough, the cost of the plant can go down, because people who need to build the plant have less time to spend working on it.

But once you get to the point where you can afford to build these plants in the long run, the plant’s costs start to rise.

And the bigger the plant, the bigger that rise.

So the more efficient you can build it, the faster you can get it going.

So in the 20th century, the economics were good.

Today we have more and better machines and technology that can run things much faster.

But they don’t all run at the same speed, and their efficiency doesn’t always match the speed of the fusion reaction.

And they are getting better.

In other words, the energy used to make fusion has increased.

That makes it more expensive, because you’re taking more energy from the plant to make the reaction happen.

And that means the price of the power that’s generated is going up.

In a nutshell, you can’t build a plant that costs $100 billion a year, and has 10 years of production and a 50-year lifetime. But


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