Canada’s technology companies have a huge head start in their quest for a new American dream

Canada’s tech companies are poised to take a big lead in the fight against climate change by opening a manufacturing facility in the United States.

In a bid to attract American tech firms, the Government of Manitoba and the province’s provincial government announced Tuesday that the two companies will build a new plant for the two-week program known as the Innovation Valley.

The $1.5-billion plant will create 500 jobs in the U.S. and will be open by June.

It is the second time in three years that Manitoba has been awarded the $1-billion Innovation Valley fund to help support the construction of new manufacturing facilities in Canada.

This time, the fund will be administered by Manitoba Hydro, which has the authority to invest in renewable energy projects.

In November, Manitoba Hydro awarded the largest federal investment in renewable electricity to a Canadian company.

Premier Brian Pallister said the $25-million fund will help build the technology companies’ manufacturing facilities and ensure they have access to skilled workers and equipment.

Pallister said he and the federal government are committed to helping the two Canadian tech companies reach their American dream.

“The future is bright for American companies that want to open a manufacturing plant in the Midwest,” Pallister told reporters.

We are looking at manufacturing manufacturing plants in the middle of our state and our province.

 The province’s new jobs promise for the Innovation River Valley is the latest sign that Manitoba is looking to take on global leadership in the global fight against global warming.

Last year, Manitoba, with an unemployment rate of 6.9 per cent, received $1 billion in federal and provincial grants to build the Innovation-inspired Innovation Valley Innovation Park in Manitoba’s northern city of Brantford.

The province also pledged $1 million to expand a solar power plant in Manitoba.

More than 400 Canadian companies have pledged $50 million to the Innovation Fund.

At the same time, Manitoba has committed $1,000 million to a new $5-million program to help companies build manufacturing plants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

While Manitoba’s job creation promises to be a boost for the economy, the new plant won’t help the province meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets until 2022.

Mitt Romney has said the U,S.

will need to import more than 50 per cent of its manufactured goods and about a third of its power from China by then to avoid the worst effects of climate change.


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