How to invest in tech stocks: What you need to know

Infineon Technologies Inc., the world’s largest chip maker, said Thursday it has raised a record $25.4 billion in new financing, a record amount for a chipmaker.

The $25 billion comes on top of an earlier $13.8 billion deal in October.

The investment, made through the Accel Partners private equity fund, is the largest in the company’s history, said Mark Nouri, chief executive officer of Infineons.

It also surpasses the $10.2 billion Infineonics raised last year.

Infineont’s chief technology officer, Paul Stoddard, said the funding was significant because it was an “all-stock transaction” and not a transaction involving a separate entity.

Infinium Technologies Inc. said in a statement it had acquired a 49.9% stake in Infineo in the latest round of financing.

Infinet, the second-largest chipmaker, raised a $2.5 billion investment in October and said in December it would raise $5.3 billion from an undisclosed investor.

Infiniq Technologies Inc, the maker of the world-class Cirrus Logic processors, said in February it had raised $7.7 billion from Accel.

Infina Technologies, a chip maker that made the world first integrated microprocessor in 2013, raised $1.5 million in April and plans to raise another $2 billion from investors in the coming months.

It said it plans to launch a $20 billion, long-term debt financing plan in the second half of this year.

Other tech stocks to watch include Apple Inc., a $21.7 trillion company, which has seen its stock surge over the past year, while Nvidia Corp., a chip giant, has seen declines.


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