Why is technology so pervasive? Here are five reasons

Women in technology are increasingly becoming leaders, but their impact on the workplace is less clear.

Here are the five reasons.


They’re more likely to take charge Source: WSJ/NBC News Technology has become a huge part of the women in tech workforce.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the digital technology sector.

For decades, women in technology have been at the center of the tech industry, from the early days of Internet pioneer Netscape and the first computer to operate on the Internet, to Google’s recent acquisition of Tumblr and Instagram.

They are a key contributor to the success of companies like Apple and Amazon.

The technology sector, however, has been slow to embrace female leaders, particularly in tech leadership roles.

Many companies have struggled to fill tech-specific leadership positions with female talent, and a lack of diversity in tech positions has led to a lack, at least in the public sector, of female leaders.

Some women in the tech sector, like Sheryl Sandberg, a Facebook executive and co-founder, have pushed for greater women’s representation in leadership roles and tech-focused organizations, like Google and Microsoft.

In 2015, however; the White House Office of Management and Budget, a nonpartisan federal agency, released a report titled, “The Rise of Women in Leadership in Technology.”

The report, authored by the Office of Women’s Policy and Government, found that while women hold about 30% of technology positions in the United States, only about 20% of tech executives are women.

The report noted that while a growing number of women are working in technology positions, the majority of women hold those positions for less than 10 years.

While the report notes that there are still barriers for women in many technology sectors, it says the issue is more complicated than just the fact that women aren’t represented in leadership.

For one, the report found that tech companies have a “lack of diversity” in leadership and it’s unclear if the number of female tech leaders is even a reflection of a lack in female tech talent.


They don’t feel that they belong The gender gap in tech is partly about how women feel they belong, says Katie Lappin, a professor of women and gender studies at New York University.

“The perception that we are less than equals is one that impacts how we interact with each other and how we treat each other,” she says.

Lapp in particular points out that in the workplace, women have to contend with many of the same barriers as their male counterparts.

For example, many women don’t report sexual harassment at work.

Lapping up these negative experiences and the need to prove they belong can be especially challenging for women.


They often face obstacles in tech While tech may be an industry dominated by men, the lack of a gender-neutral workplace can lead to a gender pay gap, according to a 2016 study by the Women in Tech Network.

A study from the U.S. Census Bureau found that women earned 77 cents for every dollar earned by men in technology jobs in 2016.

For men, that gap was even larger.

The gender pay disparity in tech jobs has been a persistent problem in the U


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