Which tech stocks are worth the most?

Bloomberg News/The Wall Street Journal/Associated Press — Feb 19, 2019 09:11:11When it comes to technology stocks, the industry is dominated by two major players: semiconductor giants Intel Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), and electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc. The top three are worth more than $8 trillion, according to Bloomberg data.

Tech stocks are the most highly valued of the industry’s diverse classes.

Most are tech-focused, but some are more broadly focused.

There are companies focused on robotics, AI, healthcare, semiconductors and other sectors.

The most valuable tech stocks include Tesla, Intel Corp., and Advanced Technologies Corp., according to a Bloomberg database of publicly traded companies.

The top 20 most valuable stocks are:Apple Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Alphabet Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Facebook Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise Inc., IBM Corp., Microsoft Corp., Oracle Corp., Netflix Inc., Qualcomm Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., and VMware Corp.

The list is a snapshot of publicly-traded companies based on their market capitalizations in billions of dollars.

Bloomberg News is a unit of Bloomberg LP.

Bloomberg’s annual list of the most valuable companies includes all of the companies listed on the Bloomberg Billion Index.

The average price of a stock is based on its trading volume and the average price per share of its most valuable stock.

For example, an average company’s value is $17.38.

For more information, see Bloomberg’s article on the Most Valuable Stock Index.


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