Why do companies are choosing to build cloud servers in India instead of in the US?

By Ramy Chaturvedi, IT Times/India (United States)In a new survey of 1,000 technology companies, it was found that cloud computing is the “top priority” for companies in India, while they are “somewhat prioritising” the internet in the country.

In fact, over half of the respondents had an Internet of Things cloud solution in place in their organisation, while the rest were planning to set up a cloud server in the near future.

According to the survey, the cloud was chosen because it is the most affordable way to handle the internet’s traffic, and the number of companies choosing to move away from legacy data centres has seen a steady rise.

Cloud solutions in India are largely based on cloud technologies, including Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, VMware, and IBM Cloud.

The companies who chose to build their own cloud servers had the highest demand for data centres and also found that they were most likely to build a dedicated cloud infrastructure.

However, this is not to say that companies in the Indian IT sector are not interested in building their own data centres, as the survey found that the vast majority of respondents have plans to build data centres in the coming years.

For instance, only 12 per cent of respondents said they would build their data centres on-site, while 72 per cent said they were planning on building them off-site.

This is a clear indication that India is still not ready to become a cloud hub, but this survey is a good indicator of what is possible in the IT sector in the future.

This trend could only help accelerate India’s shift to a cloud-based economy.


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