Why Apple won’t release a quantum computer

Posted by Ars Technicode on September 15, 2018 08:27:10Apple has announced a quantum computing technology called “align” that it says will enable it to make “unprecedented amounts of data in a matter of days”.

The announcement of the technology is not entirely surprising: it is a big deal for Apple, which has made the quantum computer a priority over the past year.

In 2016, Apple unveiled a new version of its mobile operating system called “iPad Pro” that included support for a new quantum computing algorithm.

Apple has said the new algorithm will be able to “revolutionize” the way that it processes data, as it could be used to “unlock” the power of data that’s stored on a hard drive, for example.

Apple is currently working on a quantum chip for the iPhone X that will also support a new algorithm that Apple says will allow it to “transform the way we process data” in a “powerful new way”.

“With this new technology, we will enable the world to transform the way the world works, to provide faster, more efficient and more secure computing,” the company said in a statement.

The company has also been working on an internal “quantum chip” that will be used for “the next generation of supercomputers” that would be able “be built to the next level of precision”.

“This is a revolutionary time for computing and it is critical that we deliver on our commitment to this revolution,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in the statement.

“Together, we’re building a new generation of world-class supercomputing, one that will help shape the future of how we work and communicate.”

Apple said that the company’s supercomputational power would allow the company to “simplify everyday tasks such as creating videos and taking photos, and it will help us make better predictions about the future, with better predictions for the future than ever before”.

“We’ve seen the potential of quantum computing in the past and it’s great to see it finally coming to market,” the statement added.

“We’re building an all-new generation of the world’s most advanced computing.”

“We will be the world leader in the world, and we’ll use this technology to make the world a better place for everyone,” Cook added.

Apple first introduced the concept of a “quant” chip in 2016, when it demonstrated a quantum algorithm that could “unleash” a user’s personal data stored on the device, allowing them to take photos of their pets, send emails and text messages, access Facebook, and more.

In April 2017, Apple said that it was working on new supercomprehensive quantum chips that would allow it “to do all kinds of things” with the “quantity and the precision of our data”.

“These chips will revolutionize our mobile computing and allow us to build quantum computing for the next generation,” the firm said.

“This is the future.”


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