Duck Creek, the New York Times Best-Selling Farm Tech

Duck Creek is a giant chicken coop that’s not just about farming technology, but also a kind of hip, tech-savvy farm that’s also about growing organic.

And the company is making the most of the latest generation of chicken genetics to produce chickens that are a little bit more adaptable to the climate of the future.

Duck Creek started out in 2009 with two coops: one in Wyoming and one in Idaho.

Since then, it has expanded into all 50 states, with the Idaho and Wyoming coops now up to 60 acres each.

They’ve expanded their operations into new areas, from Colorado to Texas, and even Mexico.

Duck Crows have been breeding chickens for a few years, but the company says it’s grown the company into a much larger company with more than a million acres of breeding facilities in 30 states.

“We can get a bird like a goose that’s in the same breeding program at the same time as we can get the same size flock, which means we can make a lot of money out of it,” cofounder and CEO Brian Wieser said in an interview.

But it’s the genetics that make Duck Creek so valuable.

Wiesers co-founder and president John Burt, a chicken breeder, said that breeding birds for the first time in their lifetimes was a huge milestone.

“It was a lot more challenging than it looks,” he said.

“But we learned a lot, especially the genetic work.

You know, the genetic stuff is not easy to do.

You have to get a lot better than we did.”

“When we started the breeding program, it was an all-star team,” Burt said.

The company has three breeding lines: the “A” line, which is for birds with egg size in the single digits, and the “B” line for chickens with egg sizes in the double digits.

Burt and his co-founders have bred all of these birds, and Burt estimates that the company has about a million breeding pairs, with one million of those breeding pairs having a genetic mutation that makes them more susceptible to a disease called fluke.

The fluke is caused by a gene called COX-2 that is passed on to both mother and baby chickens.

It can cause an egg to hatch prematurely and the eggs to be smaller than expected.

It also can lead to severe illness, which can be fatal.

The genetic mutation is present in only about 5 percent of chickens.

If a chick gets infected, it will die and die quickly.

But in those birds that have the mutation, they can develop problems that include heart defects, a severe respiratory problem, and, of course, a fluke-like condition.

The more mutations that exist, the more serious the disease becomes.

That’s why, when the company first started, the company was only able to get two out of the three breeding pairs to have a mutation in the fluke gene.

But after working with a few other chicken breeders, the chickens started to show up with more mutations in their genetic makeup.

“What we’re seeing in the company today is we’re getting more and more chickens that have mutations that we can detect,” Burs said.

That led to a decision to use those mutations to improve the breeding process.

“They’re just looking at breeding for the genes they think are good and not looking at genetics that have been tested and proven over and over again,” WiesER said.

In some cases, the birds are being bred in new areas of the country and then brought into the same coop, just like the eggs that are being produced there.

But Wieserman said that this breed of chicken can be an excellent candidate for breeding in areas where climate change is expected to become an issue.

“I would say it’s a good opportunity for breeding where we are seeing the impacts of climate change,” he told New York.

“Climate change will change the climate in the U.S. dramatically.

So, in order to be able to take advantage of the breeding opportunity, we’re going to have to move from a breeding system that is not really conducive to the conditions of the climate to one that is.”

The company also has an organic breeding program that works in a similar way.

The organic program, which Burt describes as “one of the most successful organic chicken breeding programs,” works in the United States by producing organic chicken eggs.

Burs is currently working on a third organic program that is geared towards the climate.

In addition to breeding chickens with a mutation to have an improved fluke ability, the organic program uses DNA from chickens that were raised under organic conditions.

Wiederman says that the program is a great way to take eggs out of a coop and into a larger flock.

“The whole point of organic is you can have your eggs in a cooperatively managed flock and the whole purpose is that they’re all getting


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