Luokung: The most popular mobile payments app in Indonesia

Luokuken, the most popular app in Indonesian, was hacked on Sunday and all payments in the app were blocked.

The outage is the latest in a string of breaches in the country’s payments market.

Luokun is Indonesia’s biggest mobile payment platform, with over 3 million users.

This has led to calls for a ban on the use of debit cards and mobile phone numbers in the platform, which is used by nearly 70% of Indonesians.

A number of online retailers have been forced to suspend sales.

However, Luokokun has not yet been affected by the hack.

Here’s how the hack happened.

Who was behind it?

Luokkun is based in Jakarta, and has around 1 million registered users, according to data from mobile analytics firm IDC Indonesia.

The company’s official Twitter account was hacked by a user on Saturday, and all accounts were temporarily disabled.

The account was subsequently restored, but the information contained in it has been inaccessible.

Users can still access Luokkin’s website by clicking on the “accounts” tab.

Lukkin was not the only app to be affected.

As many as 6.6 million people in the Indonesian market have signed up for Luokin, which allows users to make payments via their mobile phones, and is a major competitor to the popular Paytm.

Luakan has over 5.5 million users, making it Indonesia’s third-largest mobile payments platform.

Users are able to make cash withdrawals and make purchases with credit and debit cards.

There are also payments on other services such as Paypal, which allow users to use cash.

The data is shared with the payment platform through the Luokakan’s API.

The hacked account is not the first time the company has been hacked.

Earlier this month, hackers managed to gain access to the login details of nearly 2 million users in the company’s online store.

Luosaf, the company behind Luokan, also lost an internal email address on Monday.

What’s next?

Luakans CEO Terena Bhatti said in a statement that Luokhan would not resume normal operations on Tuesday.

However the company is still trying to recover from the hack, according the statement.

Users have been sharing details of the situation on social media, with many urging Luokkun to ban debit cards in order to protect users.

The government is considering a ban to protect consumers, but Luokkusan has not responded to this demand.

What are the chances of Luokku getting back online in the next 24 hours?

Lukkun’s security team has been monitoring the situation and is actively working to get back online as soon as possible.

The hacker is using the name “Luokkus” in their posts on social networks and in comments.

A message from Luokks security team said that “Lokkus” is not a real name.

Luoks security team does not provide any kind of technical information on how to get in touch with the attacker.

However it is possible to connect to their service via an online chat.

They will notify users if the account is compromised.


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