Why are robots doing so much of the work?

Kaman industrial technology, based in the US state of Oregon, is looking to the future.

The company has created a prototype that can make and test the next generation of industrial robots.

This is the first time the robot has been made in such a way, the company said in a blog post.

The robot, which is designed to carry out “critical” work, is capable of moving at up to 15 kilometres per hour.

It can even climb a 10-metre building.

Kaman’s prototype was developed with a team of scientists in collaboration with robotics company Singularity University, which has previously created robotic systems.

Koman’s work is being done with the help of the US Department of Energy and the University of Minnesota.

The device will be released later this year and could be used to help the industrial robots of the future in fields ranging from medicine to manufacturing.

This robot will be able to lift objects up to 30 metres in height and move at speeds up to 2,000 kilometres per day.

The first robot to be made from Kaman technology was developed in 2007.

The next generation robot is the company’s first to be designed and manufactured in the UK.

This robotic platform is able to work in the same way as Kaman.

It is powered by two batteries and can carry up to two kilograms of cargo.

The two wheels can also be used for lifting heavy loads, like concrete and sand.

The machine can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.

The Kaman platform is not just about building a robot.

It also aims to provide cheap, reliable and environmentally friendly industrial robots, the BBC reports.

The team at Kaman said the project will help the future industrial robots “build for themselves”.


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