‘Star Trek’ tech has finally found a home in the real world

Tech stocks have taken a beating as consumers increasingly view entertainment as a commodity rather than a product, and more companies are turning to cloud-based technology to make it easier to manage the costs of production.

In a report from MarketWatch, tech stocks have found themselves on the ropes as consumers have increasingly turned to cloud computing as a way to reduce costs and keep pace with the demand for their content.

“There’s a real sense of a sense of disruption,” says Mark Lipsman, a partner at the investment firm Lippman, Dunn & Rosner.

“The cloud is a great solution for a lot of these companies.”

Lipsmann believes the rise of cloud computing is part of the problem: “There are so many things that are happening that are not necessarily tied to cloud technology, and that’s really where we’re seeing the problems in the tech space.”

Lippmann points to the rise in mobile apps, video streaming and virtual reality, as well as the use of blockchain, a digital ledger, to secure transactions and to manage risk.

“It’s really a disruption,” he says.

“They are really putting in place these very smart technologies that will change how we get our data from point A to point B.”

A recent Wall Street Journal story on the rise and dominance of Amazon, Apple and Google cited a study from research firm Strategy Analytics, which concluded that cloud computing has become the “top technology in all industries.”

“It is the single biggest growth driver for the tech industry,” the study says.

Amazon and Google are the biggest beneficiaries of the shift.

Amazon’s Cloud Services division grew from $6.2 billion in 2016 to $16.3 billion in 2021.

Google’s Cloud Infrastructure business, which includes data centers, is now worth $30.9 billion.

In 2016, Amazon said that its cloud infrastructure services are valued at $5.5 billion.

Lipsmans research also found that Microsoft was the largest contributor to the growth of cloud companies, with the Redmond, Wash., software giant contributing more than $6 billion in assets to cloud companies during the same period.

And the report found that companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and Facebook have collectively invested $13.2 trillion in cloud technologies.

“As the technology becomes more sophisticated and the need for more capacity increases, we will see a lot more companies using it,” says Lipsaman.


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