Zebra Technologies to deploy drones in New York

Zebra Technology, the San Francisco-based company behind the world’s first autonomous vehicle, announced today it will deploy drone technology to its fleet of Zebra unmanned vehicles in New Jersey.

The Zebra drones, which have a range of up to 600 miles, will be used for surveillance, aerial and aerial mapping.

“Zebra will be testing drone delivery for the first time in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where it will be deployed by a contractor to test the capabilities of our Zebra vehicles,” Zebra said in a statement.

“The drone delivery is expected to be a first for the company.”

The drone delivery will be conducted by Zebra’s private security company, which will use drones to conduct surveillance of areas of concern, such as roads and parking lots, Zebra says.

The drone’s cameras and sensors will allow the drone to autonomously track and monitor a vehicle’s location and make a judgment about the safety of the driver.

The drones will be equipped with sensors that can measure temperature, wind, humidity and other environmental conditions.

“In addition to drone delivery, Zebri will be launching a cloud-based drone tracking service,” Zebre said.

“By providing the public with a comprehensive and detailed map of the surrounding area, the service will allow Zebra to continuously improve our mapping and surveillance capabilities, and provide enhanced privacy protection.”

Zebra is not the only company deploying drones to provide surveillance services.

Last month, the Washington Post reported that Alphabet-backed drone startup Xpress announced that it had launched a drone delivery service in the Washington region that would provide aerial imagery for “police departments, parks and other public buildings, including public libraries, and parks with special events.”

Google has also said that it will build a fleet of drones to fly near the White House.

Zebra declined to disclose the amount of revenue the drone delivery program will generate for Zebra, but the company is confident that the drone deliveries will generate revenue for Zebra.

“We are excited to bring drone technology and our team of drone delivery specialists to New Brunswick,” Zera said.

Zebrope will be operating in New England in 2018.


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