US law firm warns against US ‘brutal’ drone strike in Yemen

Lawrence Technological University law professor John Mearsheimer and two fellow scholars have warned that the US is “brutally” conducting drone strikes in Yemen in violation of international law.

In a new report, published by the US Government Accountability Office, Mearsheim and Michael Hastings, an American legal scholar, said the US should not use the Yemeni government as a proxy in its war against Islamic State militants in Yemen.

“The Yemenis are being used by the United States as a military proxy in Yemen, which is a very bad thing,” Mearshell said.

“It should be prohibited.”

Yemen is not part of the US-led coalition against Islamic state (IS) militants, who are trying to take over the country from the Houthi rebels.

“Yemen has no state,” Hastings said.

The US-backed coalition, which includes Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, is currently engaged in a war with the Houthis, a Shia Muslim rebel group which has dominated Yemen since 2014.

Yemen has been ruled by the Houthas since 2014, when the Houthias ousted former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The Houthis also control large parts of northern and western Yemen, including the capital, Sanaa, and the port city of Aden.

“This is a war in which the US and its allies have a clear military advantage, and they have been using it,” Morsheim said.

US military aid has been funneled to the Saudi-led campaign since the Houthia fighters began a campaign of attacks in September 2015 against the Saudi kingdom.

The Yemenis and Saudi-backed forces have been battling over control of Sanaa for years.

In November, the Houthiya fighters overran Sanaa airport, leaving dozens of Saudi soldiers dead and hundreds of civilians dead.

US officials have repeatedly said the coalition does not seek to remove the Houthiyas from power.

However, US officials said in December they were willing to negotiate a political settlement with the rebels in exchange for the Houths to leave the country.

Mearshels and Hastings argued that the Yemeni military should not be used as a means to advance US goals, including fighting IS militants.

“We are going to continue to seek a peaceful resolution of the conflict, and we will seek a political solution,” Hastings told Al Jazeera.

“A military intervention is not a military solution to a problem, and it is also not a way of resolving conflicts.

This is what is killing us.” “

That is the way in which war is fought, and this is the reason why it is counterproductive.

This is what is killing us.”

Yemen has a fragile democratic process, and US policy is designed to keep the country in chaos and marginalise its people, Morsheimer and Hastings said in the report.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to use force against the Houthii rebels if they continue their assault on Sanaa.

“If the Houthish fighters continue to attack and the Yemeni people continue to resist, then it is our intention to use military force,” Trump told Congress in December.

“I don’t think we have to be talking about it now.”

Mearshem said that the United Nations Human Rights Council has previously called for an end to the fighting.

However in February, the UN Human Rights Office said that US actions in Yemen were “violating the international human rights norms” and called on the coalition to stop targeting civilians.

The Yemeni government has denied any civilian casualties, saying it is conducting a campaign to restore stability in the country, but there have been reports of civilian casualties.

The conflict between the Houtha rebels and the Saudi military, which has been backed by the Gulf States, has killed hundreds of thousands of people since 2014 and left over 10 million people in need of humanitarian assistance.


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