Why are robots doing so much of the work?

Kaman industrial technology, based in the US state of Oregon, is looking to the future.The company has created a prototype that can make and test the next generation of industrial robots.This is the first time the robot has been made in such a way, the company said in a blog post.The robot, which is designed […]

Inside the world of the world’s most important social media company, Google, and how it is transforming the way we use the internet

The story of Google’s social media platform is as complex and compelling as its products, from Google Maps to its search engine to the search box in search results.Google has always been a company that has thrived on the success of its products.But the social media giant has always relied on technology and innovation to […]

How Marvell, Agilent’s cloud-based software, will impact business, healthcare and government services

The global cloud is already having an impact on how businesses, organisations and governments can deliver services, as new cloud-connected platforms and services, including Agilents Cloud Platform, are emerging.However, as the company prepares for its IPO, it is also looking at how it can become more flexible to cater for the ever-changing requirements of the […]

How to make your home quantum-proof

A few weeks ago, I went to the local carpenter’s shop to buy some materials for my project.The shop owner, who has been doing carpenters work for more than 50 years, told me that he had found some tools with some “quantum technologies” on them.They said they could be used to make anything from “quantums” […]

DRS Technology is the Future of Digital Networks

The future of digital networks is a bright one, with more than 40 billion connected devices running on hundreds of millions of sensors, said Mark Robinson, the founder of the DRS Technologies Group.Robinson said the technology is helping to bring down the cost of data networks, which are increasingly being used to deliver new services […]

How to Get Your Career to Hit the Wall

Technology is booming, but many are still struggling to make it through the transition.And while you might be thinking about it, you’re not alone.A new report by the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. suggests the tech industry’s “gut-level” jobs are actually harder than many people think.The firm surveyed more than 600,000 U.S. adults, and found […]

The eagleshow: How the Apple Watch 3 will impact ecommerce

The eagleview technology platform that powers the Apple watch 3 is not only a key part of the ecommerce platform but also an essential piece for the development of ecommerce products.eagleshowshow.com/the-eagleshow-how-the-apple-watch-3-will-impact-ecommerce This week we’ll examine what this technology means for ecommerce and how it will impact the future of e-commerce.e-shop-online-eater: e-store-online e-buyers want to be […]

Zoomen Technology introduces a 5G solution for the car market

Zoomen Technologies has revealed the launch of its latest technology, 5G.The company has launched its 5G mobile connectivity platform, called Zoomen Mobile, and it is aiming to help car owners make the transition to the 5G era. Zoomen Mobile is available in India, Brazil, the UK, South Africa, Indonesia, Mexico and Australia, and is a fully-featured […]


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